Asian Breasts

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A group of Asian women were visiting a village located in South Africa. They came across a booth selling human breast. One of the Asian lady asked the butcher, "Why are you selling women's breast?" The butcher replied, "In Ouagadougou, we have found that consuming women's breast can increase men's sex drive, and enlarge the size of their penis."  Hearing about the "enlarging the penis" the Asian woman was determined to buy some for her husband. She quickly asks the butcher for the price of the breast. "Well," says the butcher, "It depends on what kind of breast you want. We have black breast, white breast, and Asian breast."  "Give me the price of each!", said the Asian lady impatiently. "The black breasts are $200 a pound," the butcher says. "White breasts are $300 a pound, and the Asian breasts are $400 a pound."  The Asian women were glad to hear that Asian breasts were the most expensive in the breast booth. "Hey, not bad! Asian breasts are worth more!", said one of the Asian ladies.  "No no no, you don't understand," the butcher explains, "you don't know how many Asian women we have to kill to get one pound of breast!"

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