A Grip, a Producer and a Director

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A Grip, a Producer and a Director were riding to the location in the grip truck and were in a horrible accident. They all died and went to heaven.

When they knocked on the Pearly Gates, St. Peter appeared and asked them who they were and what their occupations were. Then he said, "Listen fellas, I gotta proposition for you...what with all the people there are dying on earth right now, I'm seriously overloaded here. Tell you what - if each of you gives me ten dollars, I'll send you back, and you can live out your natural lives, and come back peacefully, when I'm not so busy."

As soon as the director heard this, he pulled a tenner out of his wallet and handed it to the saint. Shortly thereafter, he came to his senses in the wreckage of the truck, with a policeman there helping to pull him to safety. After getting him out of the wrecked truck and helping him to the side of the road, the policeman asked him what had happened, and the director told him all about the experience with St. Peter at the gates of Heaven.
The cop looked around quickly and said "but, what happened to the other two chaps that were in the truck with you?"

"I'm not sure," said the director, "When I left, the Producer had him negotiated down to $8.50 and the Grip was looking for a co-signer!"

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