A Producer and the Pope

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A Producer and the Pope die at the same time and show up at the pearly gates together. St Peter says to both of them, "Glad to see you. Come on in and see where your heavenly home is."

So they go inside and walk along the golden path to an area where there are glorious palaces on both sides of the street. St. Peter points to the most beautiful of them and says to the Producer, "Here's your place. Have a nice eternity," and he and the Pope continue to walk along the road.

After a couple of miles the gold road turns to cement, and the palaces turn to 4 bedroom estates, and they keep walking. A mile more, and the road turns into black top, and the houses become bungalows. A mile more, and the road turns to dirt, and the houses to hovels.

St. Peter stops in front of the meanest, dirtiest hovel and says to the Pope, "Here's your heavenly home."

The Pope goes ballistic and says, "What do you mean? You gave that other guy a palace, and me you stick with a shack?"

St. Peter says, "Obviously you don't understand. We've got lots of Popes. That's the first Producer we've had."

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