Stairway to heaven

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A blonde, brunette, and a red head all die at the same time! After their death the go to the skies where they meet god! god says..."Ladies welcome but i can't let you in until you pass a test. You must climb up the 20 stairs you see before you. The catch is, they all have jokes on them if you get to the top with out laughing you're in". The brunette goes first and makes it to the 3rd step the falls to hell laughing, Next the red head goes and makes it to the 15th step and falls also to hell laughing.. Next is the blonde. She makes it all the way to the 20th step and is about to enter when all of a sudden bursts out laughing. god says...." Dear you were so close why did you ruin it?" the blonde says while falling to hell." It's not my fault i'm just now getting the 1st joke".

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