Characteristics Of A Puneri Girlfriend

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Girlfriend1. She gets really angry if you introduce her as your girlfriend.

2. She starts singing jana-gana-mana loud, if you put your arm around her in public.

3. You call her mother 'mavshi' or 'kaku'.

4. When she is really sad she goes 'kahi nahi' and doesn't look at you.

5. At least one of her childhood photos has her dressed in a green parkar-polka.

6. In a raging thunderstorm if there's a flash of lightning, she is not going to hug you like in the movies.

7. You have to listen natya sangeet, to get in good with her dad.

8. You have to convince her that 'the 3 hours we spent in Garden actually qualifies as a date.

9. She blushes when somebody asks her about you.

10. She doesn't wear jeans and skimpy T-shirts but takes it for granted that her career is as important as yours.

11. She remembers all the poems in high school texts.

12. She talks about 'amke amke' sir and all you can think about him is 'sir, dambis-ahey' .

13. You do not meet her, neither does she, on Rakhi poornima.

14. You and her brother are not buddies.

15. Ghari tumchya avdicha padartha kela tar athvanine dabyat gheun yete.

16. Your date on Chaturthi will be at Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati / Talyatla Ganpati etc.

17. You have at least once been to Tulshi Baagh with her but she refuses to come with you to Hong Kong Lane.

18. She is more comfortable on Laxmi Road than on MG Road.

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