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  • Rajnikanth Smoking
    Recently it was discovered that flights in china were closed due to high fog. later it was discovered rajnikanth wa
    In Rajnikanth Jokes | 23 Jan, 11
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  • Rajnikanth and Google
    Rajnikanth woke up one day and decided he would share one percent of his knowledge with the world. Thus,google was
    In Rajnikanth Jokes | 14 Jan, 11
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  • Rajnikanth and Earthquake
    When do earthquakes occur? When Rajnikanth's mobile is on vibration mode!
    In Rajnikanth Jokes | 14 Jan, 11
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  • Rajnikanth's Chess
    This can't be beaten!! Yesterday Rajnikanth adopted Two elephants, Two camels & Two horses from the Zoo.. Do you kn
    In Rajnikanth Jokes | 11 Jan, 11
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  • Rajni's Morning Walk
    Rajni went for a morning walk and got arrested......why? Coz he reached US without visa....!!
    In Rajnikanth Jokes | 29 Dec, 10
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  • Rajnikanth Tsunami
    No more tsunamis will occur because rajnikanth stopped washing his clothes in the ocean....
    In Rajnikanth Jokes | 08 Dec, 10
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  • Rajnikanth Tooth Powder
    Once rajnikant brushed his teets with tooth poweder........ now that tooth powder is famous as ambuja cement..!!
    In Rajnikanth Jokes | 08 Dec, 10
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  • Rajnikant Gas Tragedy
    Once rajnikant went to bhopal, and had a lot of spicy food . . . . After that watever happened is known as . . . .
    In Rajnikanth Jokes | 24 Nov, 10
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