Snow Jokes

  • Snow Job
    Something a man uses to defrost a woman.
    In Snow Jokes | 11 Jul, 08
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  • Snow Flakes
    What do snow man eat for their breakfast? Ans: Snow flakes!!
    In Snow Jokes | 09 Jul, 08
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  • Snowing In Hell
    Two guys are walking down a street in hell when it begins to snow.
    In Snow Jokes | 24 Mar, 08
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  • Snow In June
    A big-rig operator stopped to pick up a female hitchhiker wearing REALLY short shorts.
    In Snow Jokes | 26 Mar, 09
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  • Short Snow Jokes
    What happened when the snowgirl fell out with the snowboy?She gave him the cold shoulder!
    In Snow Jokes | 19 Dec, 07
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  • Snow Jokes - One Liners
    What happened when the snowgirl fell out with the snowboy ?She gave him the cold shoulder !
    In Snow Jokes | 08 Dec, 07
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  • Snowballs
    What's the difference between snowmen and snowladies ? Snowballs.
    In Snow Jokes | 21 Nov, 07
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  • Snow Use
    Bill Clinton was very angry with Mahathir's sudden charges against Anwar, so he demanded that they (Mahathir and An
    In Snow Jokes | 24 Aug, 07
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  • Follow the snow plow…
    A Blond was lost in her car in a bad snow storm. She remembered
    In Snow Jokes | 12 Jun, 07
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